A brutally honest account of a psychologist's weight loss journey with Nightingale Fitness

Nightingale Fitness in collaboration with www.spectrumcounsellingpsychology.com

When I met Julie she was openly very skeptical of Personal Trainers and was convinced that she wouldn't be able to lose weight. After a 3 hour (we just got chatting over a cuppa and didn't stop!) she was willing to let me attempt to prove her wrong.

I think this was mostly because she could see that Nightingale Fitness Personal Training offers much more than a bit of nutrition help and a beasting every week! I am always keen to really listen to people so I understand their issues and tailor the service to match their needs.

And Julie told me she would be very needy! Although I don't think she asked for anything more than should be expected from a good PT.

Anyway as her blog explains, it was not an easy journey! Julie had to battle against lots of emotional issues and physical barriers in order to succeed. But we got there together. Our sessions were often split between 30 minutes of talking over the issues she was facing (she is a psychologist after all!) and 30 minutes of exercise. It was challenging for her. But it also challenged me more than I ever would have expected because I had to readjust my mindset about exercise to understand a perspective that was fearful of exercise and the pain she might face. Consequently I learnt a lot too and it was a very rewarding journey for both of us.

Julie has lost nearly 2 stone since she came to me in September. Her confidence has grown massively, in terms of both her body image AND what her body is capable of physically.

Read more about how she did it in her blog!