Bootcampers beating January Blues! #nightingalefitfam

When I decided to launch my January Jumpstart I honestly never expected it to receive the amount of interest it has. Nor create such a great #nightingalefitfam community!

The challenge involves doing my 15 minute workout every day (you get a star for every one you complete) and staying off the booze (to get awarded a second star). Plus I have organised weekend events for people to be active together and get extra stars. 

45 people signed up by taking a 3 minute fitness test and joining a Facebook group that I set up. They have been working hard ever since and posting status updates and selfies to inspire and motivate each other.

Today marks day 13 and I ran a free Bootcamp for all the participants. 18 of us met at Victoria Park to get sweaty and beat the January blues. There were some Bootcamp virgins amongst us, but everyone got well and truly stuck in! We did a twist on the 15 minute workout (there were some crazy moves and some killer isolated squat booty action), then we had a bit of a game (where people's competitive streak really came out!) and finished off with the "pack of cards" workout (where we discovered that most of us have memories comparable to goldfish and are unable to count to 10! Hilarious!) 

Well done #nightingalefitfam January Jumpstarters. You are well and truly smashing it. Keep up the good work. 13 days done, 15 to go! You can do it :)