January Jumpstart

If you didn't hear anything about January Jumpstart last month then congratulations because most of the #nightingalefitfam were posting on Facebook about it! Or sharing their tales of woe in the pub over a pint! (Of orange juice!)

Nearly 50 people signed up for the challenge which involved winning 2 stars every day for 28 days. One star for doing the Nightingale Fitness daily 15 minute workout and one for staying booze-free. Plus there were extra bonus stars for the weekend activities that I organised, including a free Bootcamp, a walk from Newbury to Kintbury and two group Parkruns. The idea was to post sweaty selfies afterwards to encourage each other to be more active, through a private Facebook group. (All the photos are in the thumbnail!)

And although there were a few challenges along the way, the spirit AND enthusiasm AND motivation from the #nightingalefitfam was absolutely INCREDIBLE!

There were more people than ever at Parkrun; we had the biggest group so far at the freebie Bootcamp; we did our first Facebook Live Workout. Plus most importantly, people increased their fitness on average by a whopping 30% and reported loads of other benefits along the way (weightloss, inchloss, increased energy, strength gains, improved sleep and a love for the camaraderie in the team...)

It was an absolutely amazing month which was topped off with awards and a couple of cheeky pints on 1st February (well we deserved it!)

Thank you to everyone who helped us all kick(jump)start 2017!

The success of January Jumpstart prompted another online programme being launched this month. It's called February Fitties and it's in full swing!

Good luck! And look out for the next challenge!

Some snippets from the January Jumpstarters:

"I weighed myself this morning and was down to 9 stone 2lb so I was super happy!"
"Definitely feeling fitter."
"I've definitely noticed a difference…losing some weight and just feeling so full of energy every day."
"It's given me a kick up the arse to get back into fitness again…this has reminded me how much I enjoy fitness - so thanks!! Oh and I saved a fortune not drinking!"
"I have lost around 2kg. Thanks for all your support. It has been a great programme to get me back into exercise post baby and Xmas."
"I definitely feel fitter and leaner. My form has improved…my abs feel much tighter and are more defined, and my legs are stronger too…All in all, it's been bloody brilliant."
"I liked the camaraderie of the Jumpstart...It added a few more workouts to my regime…my clothes fit better. I have lost 8lbs in January."
"My January Jumpstart is complete…My fitness is better, I notice it most at Bootcamp when I can keep up with the others a lot more now...My clothes definitely look and feel better. I have signed up for February Fitties because I actually flipping enjoyed this."