Get ready for the ski slope with Nightingale Fitness

A group of friends who are going skiing in February got in touch with me to see if I could help with their fitness ahead of the trip. They want to avoid the aches and pains often associated with skiing and increase their endurance to last the long days. Of course, I was keen to inflict as much pain as possible on them (sorry I mean, keen to help them!!!) So I created a bespoke service to match their needs. Here is Clare's account of the first session: 

"I'm a mad keen skier and usually go on a trip every year to the Alps, however I sometimes find it hard to keep up with my friends as I get tired legs and usually use a coffee (or beer!) break as an excuse to rest. This season we have planned an amazing trip with 10 friends, and I definitely didn't want to be keeping them waiting at the bottom of the slope for me as I huff and puff my way down. So I thought I'd do something about it and sign up to Jo's bespoke Ski Fit sessions! Jo offered a great 5 week program at a really competitive price, and with it starting in January, it fitted in nicely with my usual 'OK, I've eaten too much over Xmas I should probably diet now' thing. So I've just come back from the first kick-off Ski Fit session and, let's just say, I can definitely feel it!

Jo started us off easy, to see where our fitness levels were, with a little running around game to test our agility, and some squatting to the song 'Old Lang Syne' to welcome in the new year, which included a burpee every time the title words came up!

I'm definitely not athletic, and so I appreciated her easing us into the session slowly and allowing us to warm up - which was also good because it was really cold outside!
We then started a thing called 'Tabata'. Because it's Ski Fit, Jo gave us exercises that were all focusing our quads, calves, core and back. So squats, lunges, hopping, mountain climbers (I know right, pretty appropriate) etc. We would do each one for 20 secs with 10 secs break 4 times. It sounds hard but she kept us going with plenty of encouragement and with great music from a little speaker.

She also split up the Tabata regime with a little competitive game in teams involving skipping and floor exercises - it was hilarious watching the boys attempt to skip!!
The hour was certainly a killer on the legs, but I know how much good this will do me on the slopes. I really can't wait for the next 4 weeks and to watch my strength grow. Get me on that powder!!!"