Were the Ski Fitties fit enough for France?

In a word. Yes!!!!

Here are their blog posts from session 1 to their return...

And if you would like a bespoke tailor-made fitness course designed for you especially, whatever the reason, please do get in touch!

Session 1

"I'm a mad keen skier and usually go on a trip every year to the Alps, however I sometimes find it hard to keep up with my friends as I get tired legs and usually use a coffee (or beer!) break as an excuse to rest. This season we have planned an amazing trip with 10 friends, and I definitely didn't want to be keeping them waiting at the bottom of the slope for me as I huff and puff my way down. So I thought I'd do something about it and sign up to Jo's bespoke Ski Fit sessions!

Jo offered a great 5 week program at a really competitive price, and with it starting in January, it fitted in nicely with my usual 'OK, I've eaten too much over Xmas I should probably diet now' thing.

So I've just come back from the first kick-off Ski Fit session and, let's just say, I can definitely feel it! Jo started us off easy, to see where our fitness levels were, with a little running around game to test our agility, and some squatting to the song 'Old Lang Syne' to welcome in the new year, which included a burpee every time the title words came up!

I'm definitely not athletic, and so I appreciated her easing us into the session slowly and allowing us to warm up - which was also good because it was really cold outside!
We then started a thing called 'Tabata'. Because it's Ski Fit, Jo gave us exercises that were all focusing our quads, calves, core and back. So squats, lunges, hopping, mountain climbers (I know right, pretty appropriate) etc. We would do each one for 20 secs with 10 secs break 4 times. It sounds hard but she kept us going with plenty of encouragement and with great music from a little speaker.

She also split up the Tabata regime with a little competitive game in teams involving skipping and floor exercises - it was hilarious watching the boys attempt to skip!!
The hour was certainly a killer on the legs, but I know how much good this will do me on the slopes. I really can't wait for the next 4 weeks and to watch my strength grow. Get me on that powder!!!!"

Session 2

"I am not actually going skiing, but in James Bond type style it’s always good to be prepared right?......Knowing that I am trying to get fitter and healthier I was invited along to a bespoke bootcamp by some friends trying to get a bit fitter for their upcoming skiing holiday.  Although this is tailored towards strength and stamina for skiing,  the exercises focusing on legs, glutes and core are also great for general fitness and for my real passion, horse riding. 

Week 2 was circuit training and abs exercises.  A little running to warm up and then we blasted through a legs and glutes based circuit of dumbbell swings, 2 different types of squats with added weight, skipping,  long jumps and cone runs.  Its turns out skipping is NOT like riding a bike.  I may have been a pro-skipper back at primary school but now I spend a lot of time standing on the rope, or worse, whipping myself with it.  Just when I started wondering if I was going to be able to walk the following day we moved on to abs. 

Having just completed 3 months of personal training sessions with a huge variety of different exercises each time, I was amazed that Jo managed to come up with yet another set of interesting and unique exercises and modifications each one hurting a little more than the one before.  We did a progression through a list of around 12 exercises and then repeated both the initial leg torturing circuits and then moved back to ab strengthening  crippling.  

A bit of team work to finish off with a group exercise of a high planking relay where the person from the end commando crawls under the other people to reach the other end.  What better incentive to really push yourself than the fear of crushing the friend underneath you.  Joking aside though for someone who's recent exercise has all been on my own, I really do love the teamwork elements of these bootcamps. 

We then did some walking lunges and ‘Duck walking’ (I certainly left with a heightened respect for ducks) and completed the session  with a stretch off. 

All wrapped up this was a great session.  There was a fantastic variety of exercises, we had a really good laugh and worked hard. Afterwards I was left with that great feeling of achievement and a satisfying dull ache the next day which reminds you of your awesome progress and commitment without impacting your ability to carry out simple tasks like walking down stairs

I am already looking forward to the next one." D.W.

Session 3

"When Jo offered to tailor a bootcamp for skiing to help us get ready for our holiday it was the perfect opportunity for me to get back in to doing a regular bootcamp, but with the added motivation of a specific end goal. I’m very out of practice with skiing and also not very good at sticking with a regular exercise plan, so had started to worry that I would be the weak link on our trip and would be struggling with keeping up with the pace.

This week was our fourth session and we had the novelty of an indoor session, meaning we got to try out some new drills and exercises which weren’t really possible outside (and also was a nice change in temperature). We started off with a warm up of mixed drills; many of which were on our toes and so really tested our calf strength. Jo kept changing up the drills for variety and by the end of the warm up our blood was definitely pumping.

Having focused on our legs over the last 3 weeks, this week incorporated some additional core and upper body exercises, in an intense but fun HIIT circuit to really help with our overall strength levels. We had 8 stations which included press-ups on a balance board, step-ups with high knee raises, jumping squats and arms raises with weights (which surprisingly proved to be the killer station). We spent 40 seconds on each station with a short break to move between each one, and did 2 sets of this sandwiched either side of the January Jumpstart workout. The great balance Jo strikes between intense but relaxed bootcamps meant that our sweating and panting was regularly punctuated with laughter and we all left on a high.

The Ski Fit bootcamps have been the perfect way to boost my confidence and fitness, and I’m now feeling much more prepared to fully enjoy the trip and like I’m not going to struggle nearly as much with the inevitable aches and pains that come with skiing all day. In addition to this, it’s given us a great opportunity to prepare as a team and motivate each other, which has in turn amplified our excitement for getting out on to the slopes." L.D.

Post-ski trip (how much did Ski Fit actually help!!!)

"Having been skiing since a child, and on the race team at University, it's safe to say I am passionate about skiing; for me it's go hard or go home. Averaging +50km when I hit the slopes it's important for me to know my legs can take the strain in high speed turns and that I can keep going through from the first to the last lift.

I had been doing Bootcamps with Nightingale Fitness over the winter which were really helping to boost my fitness, overall energy, and tone my muscles. Then when I saw Nightingale Fitness Ski Fit it seemed perfect. To be honest I was a little sceptical at first. I wondered how the range of exercises we were already doing at bootcamp could be applied specifically to skiing, surely there are only so many ways to work out... oh how wrong I was.

I was incredibly impressed with the thought and planning that went into the sessions. All of the key areas for skiing were worked on, from legs, to core, and even arms (for the flat bits when you have to pole or for when you have to carry your skis around). After the first session I could already feel the burn you get in your legs after a hard day's skiing, this was going great! The course lasted 5 weeks with every session being varied and different culminating with the final session a few days before I was due to hit the slopes, then the real test would begin.

Well I'm back from a week Skiing in the Alps and so glad I signed up! I could tell immediately the benefit the hard work before hand was doing. At the end of the first day my legs were ready for more, not tired or sore but ready for more. Joanna also gave us some warm up exercises and stretches for pre and post days on the slope, she really had thought of everything. Even 5 days in I remember blasting down a run in tuck position all the way from 3200m to 1500m, instead of agony half way down my legs just kept going! Awesome.

I cannot recommend Nightingale Fitness enough. Whether it's Bootcamps, Personal Training, or a bespoke programme such as Ski Fit. Either way the classes really do work and are great fun!" J.H.