Winter: 07/01/20 - 19/03/20 (11 weeks)

Spring: 31/03/20 - 18/06/20 (12 weeks)

Summer: 07/07/20 - 17/09/20 (11 weeks)

Autumn: 29/09/2020 - 17/12/20 (12 weeks)



Tuesday 7pm - 8pm

Boot Camp (mixed gender)

Indoor @ St Bartholomew's School Gym, Newbury

11 week/12 week courses = £85.25/£93 (£7.75 per class)

Tuesday 8.05pm - 8.50pm

Women Only Workout (WOW!)

Indoor @ St Bartholomew's School Gym, Newbury

11 week/12 week courses = £79.75/£87 (£7.25 per class)

Wednesday 8pm - 8.45pm

Boxing Boot Camp

Indoor @ Phoenix Resource Centre, Newbury

11 week/12 week courses = £79.75/£87 (£7.25 per class)

Thursday 7pm - 8pm

Boot Camp (mixed gender)

Outdoor @ Henwick Worthy Sportsground, Thatcham

11 week/12 week courses = £68.75/£75 (£6.25 per class)

*Classes will run subject to minimum sign-ups. No pay-per-class option. Classes are not transferable (between days or clients).

See terms & conditions for more info.

Nightingale Fitness Classes are a great workout no matter what your shape, ability or fitness level.

Clients range in age, from those in their early 20s to those who have turned 60! Some are new to exercise entirely and some are more advanced.

The ethos is simple. Work hard and play hard. The sessions are designed to challenge your body and give you a tough workout. But equally because it is a friendly group there is a good social and team dynamic which is very motivating.

Unlike some classes where you do the same thing every week, Nightingale Fitness prides itself on delivering a different session every time, to keep you on your toes!

So what have you got to lose?

Why are Nightingale Fitness classes THE BEST?

Class sizes limited

Class is tailored for ALL levels. Push yourself as little or as hard as you like

No joining fee or annual commitment

A different class every time

Local company, with a personalised service

Great venues, both with FREE parking

25% discount on the online programme

It's not just a class. It's a #NightingaleFitFam community

Organised Nightingale Fitness activities to keep you active and train together for events


What to expect?

Meet and welcome 

Warm up and joint mobilisation

Main part of class might include: circuit training with equipment or bodweight, interval training, team exercise/drills/games, sprints (we never run for too long though), cardio exercises, fitness challenges

Cool down and proper stretch

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Come and join the #NightingaleFitFam! Sign up and sweat!