"Recovering from ME/CFS"

I signed up for a course of personal training sessions with Jo to help me get back into exercise after 8/9 months of doing nothing at all whilst recovering from ME/CFS. Although I had done a fair amount of exercise in the past and used to attend gym classes 3 times a week, I had completely lost my fitness, strength and had put on a large amount of weight due to being so inactive. I was looking for someone who would push me to build up my strength again gradually but also be understanding of how hard I was likely to find it initially. Jo was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t fault her! Every session was different and she puts a lot of work into her planning to make sure it never becomes boring!  Although I found some of the sessions very difficult, she was supportive at all times and my strength and fitness have definitely improved as a result! My  time with Jo has given me the confidence and ability to start regular exercise again and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone, particularly those who have had time away from exercise for whatever reason.

--- anon


“Great value for money.”

Whether you are looking to stay fit, lose weight or simply join a group to be more social, you will get all this from Nightingale Fitness Bootcamps. They are varied and fun giving you a mix of cardio, core and strength exercises. Joanna gives clear direction, offers modified moves if required and is meticulous with warming up and cooling down your body. The sessions are also great value for money, with the first session free, it's a perfect way to see if these Bootcamps are for you.

— H.T.

“Lost 7cm in a week.”

I got Jo to give me 5 sessions of Personal Training over the course of a week, to give me a kickstart. I lost 7cm (3 off my waist and 4 off my bum) and 3lbs. I feel so much fitter and surprisingly awake and arms feel surprisingly stronger too. Thanks so much!

— F.G.

"Caters for all abilities."

“I'll be honest, I was sceptical at first. I mean a bootcamp, that's exercise right, and it's outside in public...Honestly it's the best thing I have done! My girlfriend and I had been looking for a while to get fit before our holiday so we thought we would give it a go, we're both so glad we did and have signed up for 6 more sessions! The Nightingale Fitness sessions are fantastic! Each one is varied with little games and fun ways to get the blood pumping. Jo (the host) is incredible, she is extremely knowledgeable and can cater for all abilities and levels which means that everyone can get involved. I cannot recommend Nightingale Fitness enough!"


"I can't slack off anymore!"

“I thought I was pretty fit until I started Personal Training with Jo! But she is a task master and definitely makes me work hard and be accountable for my goals! Every session has been different and all have been tough too. I also liked the fitness assessment at the start which acted as a benchmark and helped us set my goals that we measure and review. Jo is very professional so she's always organised and it's obvious she puts a lot of time into planning her sessions.”


"Value for money!"

“I have immensely enjoyed Joanna's bootcamps over the past 6 weeks. She is a very encouraging trainer, knowing exactly how and when to push you without exceeding your limits. I'm not the fittest person in the world, but after Joanna's sessions I really have noticed a difference in my general strength and fitness levels. It was great being able to go to the bootcamps with my partner, as we both compete with each other and therefore we both get a good workout! I would strongly recommend joining up for the 6 session Bootcamp course, because not only is it a worthwhile workout, but it is also great value for money.”


I've lost weight."

I've noticed my weight change nd definitely feel confident in pushing myself...I feel a lot fitter...I've lost weight...I love my little waist and everyone has said how good I look. So thank you!"

— H.G.

"You can achieve lots in just a few weeks."

Follow Jo's advice, use some willpower and you can achieve lots in just a few weeks. I had a few blips along the way (Fullers brewery!) but still managed to lose a stone, increase fitness and confidence along the way.

— G.N.

"Adjusts the workout to match the ability.”

Jo won't let you slack if she thinks you can push yourself but she adjusts the workout to match the ability. Best all round solution.

— R.B.

"Nutrition help is great."

“Jo asked me to keep a food diary which she analysed so she could give me some help with my diet. I didn't realise I was eating so much before I wrote it all down!  I made quick progress with my fitness after just 3 sessions. Probably because they pushed me really hard! They were also tailored for my challenges and goals but also took into account my likes/dislikes which was a bonus. I always look forward to each session because I know I'll get a good workout and be motivated to keep up the good work.”

— P.W.

“Difference with my body shape.”

I am noticing more of a difference with my body shape with your classes, a lot more than I did with the circuit training class I did before, that made no difference at all.

— N.J.

"A personal touch."

“I'm nearly 60 and fairly new to 'proper' exercise so I find the PT sessions really hard, but Jo has plenty of ideas and always knows a modification for an exercise if I'm struggling. She's always smiling and positive which is really motivating and puts me at ease. Her interest in her field really shines through and she'll often dig out articles or info for me that is relevant to a question I've asked or something specific I'm working towards. I think that's really important because it shows she genuinely cares about her clients.”

— A.N.

“Every session is different.”

I love that every session is different and always challenging! I don't like sprinting because I can't run fast Lol 😂 but otherwise I like all the exercises (maybe the sandbag is not my favourite!)

— S.D.

“Fantastic personal trainer.”

It’s been many years (8 to be precise) since I did any sort of meaningful exercise, but I’ve been wanting to get fit again for a while. I’ve never been interested in joining a gym as I think I’d lose motivation after a few weeks, so when I heard about the Nightingale Fitness Bootcamps I saw it as a great opportunity as they cater for all abilities. I signed up to the first six sessions with a couple of friends and have already seen a huge improvement in my general fitness. Although it’s tough I always look forward to the next session, Jo is a fantastic personal trainer and we all have a great laugh each week. What’s more it’s great value for money, and I’m definitely going to be signing up for my next six!

— A.C.

"Strength and fitness benefits."

“I've just completed six weeks of bootcamps with Jo and loved (sometimes begrudgingly through the pain!) every minute of them. It's great how different the sessions are every week; I never know what to expect, I'm always really challenged by the exercises, and I love that there's sometimes a competitive edge to the activities which makes me even more determined to work hard. Jo is a fantastic trainer and I've already signed up for my next block of six, as I can definitely notice the benefits to my strength and fitness. Plus I really look forward to the session each week, which is definitely a good sign!”

— M.H.